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Restaurant Spotlight: Victoria and Albert's

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Every Saturday and Wednesday the Diner will have a Restaurant Spotlight! 

Today's spotlight is on Walt Disney World's only five-star restaurant, Victoria & Albert's, in the Grand Floridian.

The standard experience includes a seven or ten-course meal in a room serenaded by a harpist.

For a unique experience with the restaurant's chefs,  you can get an eleven-course meal at the Chef's Table. 

An exquisite restaurant graced by gourmet food and fine ambiance, the only downside is the price, which starts at $175 a person. So save this one for a very special occasion!

With everyone one of these spotlights, we will be having a QOTP (Question of the Post). So today's question is: if you were to go to Victoria and Albert's, who would you go with?

Stay tuned for the next Restaurant Spotlight! What restaurant would you like to see?



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This is my dream restaurant. I'll get there one day! Great post!

And I'll go by myself so I can take as many food/plate pics as I want and no one can judge me! LOL.

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