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Funny story from the first time I rode Slinky Dog Dash, last February. As I was nervously waiting in line, I had my GoPro on at the entrance to the Slinky carts. So I had my arm up leaning against a pole, and had GoPro recording before the ride. So there was the Control girl like 20 feet away, and I had my GoPro pointed towards her, where the rollercoaster first starts. So I had it there for around a minute before the next Slinky came, and we got on. Amazing ride, soaring through the brisk Disney night. Back at the hotel room, watching the video, I saw for the entire minute/ minute and a half she was staring at me and my GoPro, and I just found it funny that even when she took sips of her water bottle, she didn’t even look away. This is the most memorable thing for me about SDD, and I don’t even know why, but if you read this, I hope you enjoyed.


Photos taken 4/21/2019. Using Shaders.






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