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updated, introduction.

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Hello everybody!

I'm Globby, some of you guys know about me on the server as the name of: Taz29.
My introduction, was fairly out of detail. I want to share more about myself, to the community.
I currently, live in Orlando, Florida. I live 5 minuets away from the Walt Disney World resort. As i'm one of WDW's Annual Passholders. I love Disney, Universal, Harry Potter, Cartoons, and Marvel. Once, i've saw happily ever after 5 times, in a month. It's pretty sick, and i usually go to Universal/Disney up to 30-50 times a year. It's pretty nice, out in Orlando and fun out here. I've joined the Palace Network, since 2015 but i fairly was out of the minecraft community for a while, as there was some drama on the community i didn't want to be involved with. Also, i have lots of tests. My favorite movie, WILL be Avengers: Endgame. My favorite character, is goofy. Why? It's because when i first watched the Goofy Movie when i was younger, i admired it. And, whenever goofy's doing a M&G at the real Disney i would gladly, go meet him. It gets better, every. time.

Most of the time on Palace/MCMagic i was:
a Guest, or as you now call it a Settler.
that might change this year, cause i might be willing to donate.

Alright, thank you guys! I hope to see you around the parks.
Kind Regards, Globby.

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