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Hello everyone, for one of my electives I have a project called, "You be the Teacher" project. Basically I have to teach people something I know well. That topic is Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World. However, I ran out of tips. I NEED YOUR HELP! Give me some tips and tricks for DISNEY WORLD ONLY, No Disneyland, sorry :ag:

Tips I have

  • Rope drop
  • book fastpasses
  • book reservations
  • go on rides during fireworks
  • stay at a monorail hotel
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  • Palace Network Leadership


  • Rides during parade times!
  • Check for cancelled fasspasses on the day
  • Extra Magic Hours to get in line for busy rides
  • Use the international gateway to enter Epcot (as it's quiet) and get to be one of the first around World Showcase!

I'm beginning a full blog about tips and tricks for Walt Disney World on my profile! (selfpromo).


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