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Hazard's staff introduction

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  • Palace Network Staff

Hey there everyone!


You all know me as Hazard, a fluffy yellow and black dragon from the United Kingdom. Recently I have been accepted into the volunteer moderator program for the Palace Network. Currently, I am a Moderator on the server, assisting in any way I can ensure that players have a great time on the server, and exceeding their expectations. If you ever see me on the server, don't be afraid to say hi, as I don't bite! I'm always looking to help everyone and anyone I can on the network as best as I can. 


Don't be afraid to ask for an autograph of me, I am always open if I am available, and even if I'm not, I will try to make time. I will occasionally also be holding group rides around the parks too! Normally, I can be found on Palace from 6 am BST right the way through to 2 PM BST. This is to make sure that everyone gets the same experience, no matter what timezone.


I can also be seen around the United Kingdom, attending various furry, gaming, or comic, conventions. Just look out for a yellow and black fluffy dragon like in the image below.



My rank timeline currently:
Guest - 2016

DVC - 2016

----- Server Branded to Palace Network (2-3-year gap) -----

Noble - January 2019

Honourable - February 2019

Trainee - April 2019

Moderator May 2019

Edited by Hazard
Updated to Moderator
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  • Palace Network Leadership


Great introduction Hazard! Can't wait to work with you in the staff team - see you around the parks! :ba:


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