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Landscaping 101


~~Welcome to Simple Landscape Tutorial~~

Today we will be talking about simple landscaping, How to start, How to add some detail, and how to add some vegetation (flowers, etc.)! 



As we all know flat grass isn't the best looking thing in Minecraft


~ Ewww ~


So here is how you can start!

Step 1:

So you are going to start with rows of grass as shown below!

Start with grass rows 

It already looks better than flat grass but we can still make it even better!


Step 2:

Now find the center

(This could be one or two blocks as the center but for the demonstration, the middle is one block!)

After you find the center put one block on either side as shown in the picture below!


This gives the land some depth!


Step 3;

Now to add some more depth we are going to add another layer as shown below!1914810478_BuildOut_Addbytwos_Ooo.thumb.png.b42ecd9ca512a965044ce177012d2cae.png

As you see here you are going to add two more blocks to each side of the middle blocks, then add one block out of your middle blocks!


Step 4:

Offset some blocks (make some "scoot" to the side, have some go on top of each other!)


And I resize I went a little overboard with breaking and placing blocks so just be careful you don't do too much breaking and placing!


Step 5:

It's a good idea to mix different types of blocks into your landscaping such as different types of dirt (Grass, Dirt, Corals Dirt)789674576_MixBlocks_OOO.thumb.png.94169e5bb262dc82a74db96121245db4.png


Step 6:

Vegetation! I would put them in small groups, so every group as 1 of each flower you picked and make sure you have more than two!


(The groups do not have to be exact!)


That's the final product!

And you can always include landscaping into your builds! As seen here even adding a few flowers helps it come to life!

And sometimes you don't need flowers if you don't want to draw attention!


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Hi there! I loved your tutorial about landscaping. You are such an amazing detailer and builder. Keep up the great work!

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Fantastic tuturiol about landscaping with great level of detail. Will definitely use this guide in the future!

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