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This is my Dutchie, Hazard.


I have had him for approx 5 years and counting. We have already been through so much.



I also have a fursuit of my cute little fluffball, although I need to get a new bodysuit made in order to continue full suiting with him. For now, he is currently a partial.


Art 14.png

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1 hour ago, CoolKidPotatw said:

I love these! I came up with a design today and wondering if any of you guys could draw it. Sadly the image didn’t come up, but I’d like a pinkish looking one with pink horns. Any species is fine with me. Thanks you guys. You rock!


The best way to have someone draw your fursona for you is to first come up with a concept and reference sheet. I know you stated a few things, but the best is a reference sheet. Normally there are some free ones on the internet with watermarks, and non-watermarked ones you can normally find on Deviant Art for a few dollars. And of course... You can always draw your own. ^_^ I can possibly try even though I'm not that good at art, but of course I'd need a reference first. I'd be willing to do it for free since my art isn't some type of high end thing, but if you're interested in it more, you can message me on Discord. owo

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