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Honor System | Level-up rewards (Suggestions)

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Hey Everyone!

I'd like to take the time to suggest a few ideas that I have in mind for the Honor leveling up system. This suggestion is for level up reward ideas that you can collect for each level.

What is "Honor"?

Honor is a leveling up system on Palace Network. You can receive Honor Points from watching shows, riding rides, playing creative, and much more! You can view your level progression by viewing your experience bar or alternatively you can view level-up progress in the crafting menu of your inventory.




What rewards would you receive?

Each level has its own set of unique rewards. Rewards you would earn are: Money, Tokens, Level exclusive cosmetics, Level exclusive outfits, and "Rank Trials". I've went ahead and made an example of the GUI so it is much easier to visualize. 






If you have any questions or feedback on this suggestion let me know in comments section!





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Hello @Hayze!

Love the ideas! The honor system was never finished. We put it out there just to have it so you guys can get a little idea of what it is going to be. In the future, it will be finished.

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