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YNG_HYP3B3AST Introduction!

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Hi All, My Name is YNG_HYP3B3AST even though its in the name I am not a Young Hypebeast lol, a few days ago my friend changed my name as a joke but other from that my irl name is Conner I've had a love for Disney for a while now, I joined back in the McMagic days and since then have been on and off Minecraft but I haven't played in 2 years I believe, I just got back into Minecraft this summer. My passion for Disney all started when I was around 6 or 7 I went to DLR for the first time and I remember just losing it to the point when, we got there I lost control of my legs for a second so I kinda fell lol, but just the setting of DLR and everything about Disney made me so much more curious about the World, You will probably see me around in MK a lot or pretty much anywhere, I am really active on Discord so if you ever want to ask me anything pm me there, Im always in general lol. I'm currently in a process of something big revolving this server, so you might see me a lot more then usual, if this happens :) no spoilers yet!. That's my introduction see you guys around!


--YNG_HYP3B3AST(My web user is M3wzyYt_ cause that was my last username) and have a magical day!



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