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Sonic's Introduction!

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Hi! My name is SonicHedgie!

I'm a girl who is a Disney lover at heart! I frequently visit the parks, and hope to someday be working with Disney on future projects. I like to draw and watch shows in my freetime. I'm into acting and drama as well. A fun fact about me is that I can do a Mickey Mouse impression. 😊

I'm a pretty crazy person (lol) so if you talk to me about anything Disney I'll start yip-yapping away and you can't get me to stop talking. Palace helps me in that way, being around people who love Disney as much as I do is very satisfying.

My favorite Disney characters: Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Woody, and Tiana.

My favorite Disney rides: Slinky Dog Dash, Flight of Passage, and Tower of Terror.

I love to help out! Feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for reading~!

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