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Achievements Revamp | (Suggestions)

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Hey Everyone!

I'd like to take the time to suggest a revamp to the achievement system. Currently, earning achievements isn't rewarding and fun as I believe it should be. In this post, I will be going over revamp ideas for the current achievement system.


New Menu

As apart of this revamp, the GUI will be divided into different menus. Each menu will have its own separate achievements. This would be implemented to organize achievements and make it easier to find an achievement you may be looking for. Each server would have its own menu to make things easier to find. I've provided images to help you visualize the GUI. (Achievements will be able to be viewed serverwide)




New "Rarity" Achievements & Rewards

The revamp would also include different rarity types for achievements based on how difficult it is to obtain them. The rarities for the achievements would be "Common", "Rare", "Epic", and "Legendary". The higher the rarity the better rewards you would receive.  Reward ideas include, Money, Tokens, and Honor Points.


Hidden Achievements 

Hidden achievements are very secret and are hard to find. Hidden achievements would be "Climb Rapunzel's Tower". What makes these hidden achievements secret is that they will not be displayed in the GUI so they will be hard to find! These achievements would be for those who like to explore and find secrets around the park! I also suggest having day/night based achievements to make them even more secret!


If you have any questions or feedback on this suggestion let me know in the comments section!

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Adding to my suggestion:

Possibly implement "grand" challenges. These challenges would be unlocked by completing ALL of a categories challenges and a "Challenge Masterwhich would be rewarded upon completing every challenge.

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