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Not sure how this would be possible butttt...


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SOTMK) would be a great incorporation into NewMK as a new feature. It would obviously take a plugin to be able to run which spells and what cards guests get daily but it is possible. A GUI screen such as the Epcot create a car could be used to select attack cards and to interact with a certain monitor.

Pixelators would most likely be used to change the screens of the SOTMK magic and go with each specific mission across the MK. 

Cards can become collectables in on the GUI and can also be an achievement for those who gain all the cards. The cards can be a random daily draw at the two SOTMK locations in the MK.

Obviously this is a tall order that would most likely involve show tech as well as a developer part in it, but it would be a cool new interactive game for guests.

This is obviously very similar to the Agent P and Harry Potter suggestions as well,  but that is only because i think that technology is cool and fun in the real life parks.


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I know it could be cool to change the screens with map art, but I think a better thing is, you get placed in a black room and in front of you will be the screen like the painting IRL. But it also be hard because if your just starting, you have to have SOTMK data for all the guests and also it will be hard to randomize the maps that you have to go to.

And also the whole game will probably be finished pretty quickly because there is warps, that's why it takes long IRL, you have to walk to the painting.

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