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Jordyn, Panic, Blue, DisneyGeek, CamShea, Brant and ScanWorks.

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So I know I made one of the last Staff and Guest Compliment things about Autvmn, but people are just so amazing here on Palace that I have to make another, just for multiple people at once. I would like to thank the following people for the impact they have put on my life: @YourSisterJordyn, @CoolKidBlue, @PanicAtTheJedi, @CoolKidGeek@CamShea, @Brant and @ScanWorks. I know this is a lot of people, but I will separate it into paragraphs for each one. 


To start off with, Jordyn, my closest friend. Jordyn and I have been friends for a few months now, and it has been amazing getting to know her. Funny story, we actually got to be close friends by jumping all over the park… That was such a long time ago that I can barely remember, but one of my favorite memories with her. We have started a few projects together, the Staff building and a few others, and have made many clubs/cults here on Palace. For example we made the Sister Sit Squad (SSS) and the Cool Kid Cult (CKC). Her, Panic and I, have been amazing friends from the start, I don’t know what I would do without Jordyn. ❤️ 


After Jordyn, there is one player, now a staff member, PanicAtTheJedi. Panic has been on this journey with Jordyn and I the whole way. I don’t remember exactly how Panic and I met, but all I know is that we’ve been really good friends ever since. She has helped Jordyn and I with almost everything, basically. She helped us form the SSS, she helped us build the staff building thing, and much more. Like I said with Jordyn, I don’t know who or what I would do without Panic. ❤️ 


Now CoolKidBlue. Blue is a super good friend of mine. She has been a friend of mine ever since she first joined Palace. She has helped me out a lot recently and has become a super great friend of mine the past few weeks. Currently, Blue and I are building a theme park in creative for a specific staff member, who shall not be named. I am soooo happy that Blue is now a staff member. She 100% deserves it.


After Blue, there is CoolKidGeek. I met Geek a while back when she was by the name DisneyGeek. She has been an amazing friend ever since I met her. Just like Blue, I have become really close friends with her in the past few weeks. Geek, Blue and I, have been building hilarious things on Geek’s plot. It started out with the amazing horses. Geez those horses are so amazing. They go by the names: Jumbo, Wumbo, Bubby, Tubby and Chubby. Every single memory I make with Geek, is truly amazing. 


Now CamShea, or CamShee. Cam and I met when he was riding a boat in mainstreet… That was also the time I met his friends, Enzo and Jishy. Cam and I have made many, many memories together. One of the reasons I consider Cam and I really good friends is because of him causing me to start something called Palace Police Department (PPD). Cam currently owes me about $2000 worth of fines from all of the things he has done from ‘breaking PPD law.’ Since then I have retired from PPD, but since Cam is back on the staff team, I might need to get back into PPD. Thank you, Cam, for being such a great friend and making so many memories with me. ❤️ 

Brant. Brant has done so much stuff for Palace that it is insane. He currently owns the server with a few other managers, Legobuilder and XtraFr3ckle, which is just one reason I am so grateful for him. Even though you may not see him very often, that is because he works behind the scenes with Operations. I know that I am not very close friends with Brant or anything, but he helps out so much with the server that I had to put him in here. Thank you, Brant, for all that you have done for Palace. 


Now lastly, ScanWorks. Scan is probably the most helpful person I have ever met. Not only is he the most helpful person I have met, but out of all the people I have met, he is the fastest typer. Probably because he’s a printer but- Okay next subject. Scan is one of the kindest people I know. He is the literal king for Guest Relations here on Palace. I hope that if I ever get staff here on Palace, I will be in the Guest Relations field. The best one. ❤️ 


There are many other people out there that do so much more for Palace, but these people I have listed either are my closest friends because of Palace, or really great staff members. Thank you, everyone, you mean the world to me. ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  also help why is this bolded when i pasted it into the forums- 

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  • Palace Network Leadership

Can't believe I didn't see this until now! Aww, thank you! I love helping you guys out with anything you need! It makes me happy that you guys are enjoying the server and the community!

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