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Meet your Local Leopard

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Im MrLeopard, you can call me that or Leopard or Leo, Im fine with whatever. 

I have been on the staff team for just about 2 months now, and I have become our local leopard. Yes, my home is Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom, the best ride in the whole world! 

Now you may be like, WOaHAHHh who is this random leopard? Well, I have come in peace and I am here to help. Here are some fun facts about me.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Song: Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity by Gustav Holst
Favorite Musical: Come From Away
Favorite Subject: Theatre or World History
I play Trombone
I have done a good amount of Musicals
Michigan > Ohio (I mean isnt it obvious)
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King 
Favorite Disney Park: Disneyland (I am from the West Coast of America)
I do Marching Band (Trombones for Life :D)
I am a Tenor (for all you choir people)
I am a Sophomore currently!

Anyways, I hope to see yall around the parks, if you have any questions you can leave them below and ill get around to answering them. If you are just looking, thanks!

I hope to see ya later, 
Leopard :D 


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