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California Adventure Tips!

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Hey yall!

I just saw @GhostyBunnie243 tips again and thought I would make one for DCA! You should really trust me as I went to DCA just recently for the whole day :D (and I am a Native to the California) 

Enough intro lets get into it

Disney's California Adventure is a small park and takes about half the time Disneyland does. I went from around 3 pm to closing which is 10 pm, different than most Disneyland closing times (DL closes around Midnight in most of summer, major school breaks, and Fridays-Weekends. Weekday times can vary)

1st thing:


Huge lifesaver. If you dont know Fastpass is a line hopper system that the parks in the Walt Disney system use. You go up to a machine in the "Fastpass Return" marked area (usually across from the ride although some rides like for example, IASW is way over by Matterhorn). You go up to a machine, put your ticket in and out comes a free souvenir (I have a collection) of Fastpass reminders. If you have linked your ticket to the Mobile App (WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO) it will have a reminder there (I think there is a setting that can remind you when your time is too (dont quote me on that though)), and when its time you can either use your phone or park ticket to scan and go through the "Fastpass" marked line. These lines are over 70% faster than the marked wait time. The downside is wait times differ throughout the day, so sometimes you may get a time where its a 5-15 minute wait for stand-by but the real fun thing is when you get a 45+ minute line you get to skip. You can only have on FastPass at a time but on the reminder it tells you when you can get another one. Many people will say its after your time for the ride starts, but if your time is over 3 hrs away it will be sooner. 

RIdes I suggest getting a Fastpass for in DCA

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT

Radiator Springs Racers (This Fastpass goes really quick so if you come at opening go right toward the FPR)

Toy Story Mania


Grizzly River Run

Rides you really dont need to get a Fastpass for (Depends on the crowds)

Incredicoaster (it might be a safer bet to get a FP if its crowded)

Goofys Sky School (no one rides it usually) 

1 last thing before we move on:


If you are comfortable riding separated from your party (sometimes you get lucky and can ride together or in the same car)  then do it if the ride has a long wait time. 

Warning: Check on the app or before your trip to see which rides have it and dont. Some rides you may have to ask the greeter (the person standing at the entrance of the ride) where it is as it might be through the exit or they have to give you a special card.

Rides I suggest going single rider:

Grizzly River Run


2nd thing, Pack light. For us teenagers a drawstring bag or one of those small fjallraven backpacks works the best. Dont put the whole kitchen sink in your bag. 

Dont buy large souvenirs unless

1. You are staying at a Disney Hotel
2. Staying at a partner hotel that has a shuttle

In those cases you can take them back to your room where they can be nicely stored in a cool room. The downside is that you have to take it back all the way and only the Grand Californian has direct access to the park. Lets face it, you dont really NEED it so if you really desire it, I would say have some way to plan you or someone else taking stuff back to the car for you so you can enjoy it. If you have to carry stuff around put it with a non-rider or in a locker which are on Buena Vista Street's Trolley Stop right as you walk on in. 

Now there are bad people everyone even at the happiest place on earth so make sure you place your wallet and phone in the front pockets of your pants or shorts or in your drawstring when you wear your drawstring correctly (like a backpack) anything with a zipper or in your back pocket makes it easy for anyone to grab and go (this is good advice for general world places too). 

Im not the type to sit so I wouldnt (look at my 13.1 miles in 7 hrs at Disneyland) be the best person to tell you good spots to sit in the park. 

Times to go. I went at 3 pm to 10 pm, which is the best situation. (I went with band). You can get a lot of rides in, toward 9:30 they close IncrediCoaster so they can stop it for World of Color. I suggest doing that too so you can see it. Now you may be like: "What about the fireworks??????". Trust me World of Color is better than standing shoulder to shoulder on Mainstreet watching the fireworks for 20 minutes. If you dont have a Fastpass, go to your section. If you dont, the best place to stand is up the ramp to the "Pixar Pier" sign where there is a little curve that makes the pier wider. Go there and you get a nice view. World of Color shows at 10 pm. 

Now like Bunnie did im going post my itnerary below:

3 pm: We walk into the park and go to IncrediCoaster

3:30 pm: We go over to Radiator Springs and go to eat some food (we hadnt had any because we were at a band festival for 7 hrs and they didn't want to feed us), the single rider ride Radiator Springs Racers.

4 pm; Get FastPasses for GOTG

4:15 pm: Ride Grizzly River Run and marathon it 3 times and meet this awesome cast member. 

5:15 pm: Meet with Spiderman because why not


6:30 pm: Ride GOTG

7:00 pm: Get Starbucks because we needed caffeine


7:30 pm: Rode GOTG again 


8:00 pm: Rode Soarin'


9:00 pm: Went over to WOC


10:00 pm: World of Color!


10:30 pm: Left slightly before the show ended to beat the crowd (I suggest doing this. You can see the ending while you are walking back so it isnt a big deal)

10:45 pm: Went over to Disneyland and went all the way to closing and did a midnight ride of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Anyways thanks for viewin' 

Post your tips below and dOnT fOrGeT tO lIkE aNd SuBsCriBe

thanks for coming to my ted talk 


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