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Yo, I should probably introduce myself

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I’ve been on Palace since before /warp utilidors was removed from MCMagic and Mumble was the voice chat of choice, and when you had to get a literal book of references to apply for staff. How have I not gotten around to this yet?

Hey guys, I’m EthanRDoesMC. And I finally made a forum account! 

I’m obsessed with technology. If something involves some form of a rock with electricity running through it, count me in. My dad and I built a gaming computer together back in January actually.

My family loves Disney, and I’m no exception. We went to Walt Disney World as a family for the first time in 2010, during the summer, and in 2012, we discovered the wonders of staying on the WDW property (Contemporary, if you’re wondering) during a less-crowded week. 

Palace/MCMagic was one of the first servers I ever joined. I actually don’t know when I first joined, but I do remember that the transition to Minecraft 1.8 took a while, so that’s at least 2014, if not earlier. 

I took some breaks from Minecraft over the years, but generally, if I’m playing Minecraft, at least 30% of the time played that week will be spent playing Palace, and that’s accommodating the time where I was really into minigame servers. 

Anyway, I really love this server and had always wanted to donate to it, and only recently have I been able to. Is it worth it? Absolutely. 


So anyway, that’s me. Thanks for reading 6 paragraphs about some random guy named Ethan!


(seriously y’all are great and this community is so friendly, I’m so happy to be a part of it.)

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