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An Update on SWPCL

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Hello everyone! As most of you know I'm Joshmc_ and I am a Director/Co-Owner of SeaWorld Palace Entertainment. Back in March of 2019 we founded a new section to the company. SeaWorld Palace Cruise Lines was going to be our very own cruise line. Our first cruise has come and gone a couple of months ago and we have been very quiet on that whole side of the company. Here is a short statement on that. 


On June 15th we hosted our first cruise. Since then we have yet to make any statement and have been very quiet. Now that cruise wasn't the best. This was due to many reasons including a failure of planning on the side of Management. So it was decided we would talk with our cruise team before scheduling another cruise. Unfortunately we have yet to get to together and discuss. As myself and Pilot have been busy with other SWPE projects. However we are hoping to get a meeting scheduled within the next few weeks! 


I'm sorry for the lack of updates and the silence on our end but I think we should be open as to why we have been so quiet. Thank you for reading this and I hope we will have a couple on updates within the next few weeks. 


-Joshmc_, Director/Co-Owner SeaWorld Palace Entertainment/SeaWorld Palace Cruise Lines

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