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My Introduction!

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Hello my name is Brobot

[Guest] - 2013

[DVC] - 2014 sometime

[Shareholder] - 2015

[Intern] - May 2014 and then November 2015

[Cast Member] - Sometime in 2016

[Dweller] - Nov 2016

[Noble] - 2018

[Majestic] - 2019

[Trainee] - July 2019

[Mod] - August 2019

Some of my good friends I've met here while being on the staff team are @brendem7 @mermaidcat @Magicstic @keyoni

 @Sebway_ @AyyTeam @Disneyfan @PanicAtTheJedi and then my longtime friends who I've known for over 5 years now are @Leroy_The_Frog @Maddiethegreat_ I am always eager to meet and talk to new people so if you aren't on this list it doesn't mean I dislike you, it just means I haven't gotten to know you yet! 😃

My favorite animated Disney movie is Ratatouille🐀 and my favorite Marvel movie is Spider-Man: Far From Home! I also like the star wars films. 


My favorite food is Sushi and my favorite restaurant (besides Sushi restaurant) is Carls Jr. (burger place!)

Hope to see you around!!!

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Great introduction! Congrats on staff, see you in the parks!

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