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So this could be a good idea, but I don't know. I thought of a idea sort of like the MyDisneyExperience (MDE) app/application.

Here's my MyPalaceExperience idea. (Could be used as a app or a computer application on a browser)

You could use the MDE app to follow along with me and explore this concept app.

Concept Idea #1: Homepage

NOTE: Bolded things are the stuff that are the ideas that are Palace related.

First thing when pops up when you open up the app in the MDE app when your logged in is to log in to your Disney Account, this could be changed to like your Forum Account or something else (You could also could probably link your MC account). The second thing is the Buy Tickets option, where you could obviously Buy Tickets at the parks in real life, this could be replaced with like a online shop where you could see the current shops in all the shops (You can't buy them just look what has been added) (Will give you warps on where they are). The third thing is the shows/parades that are played or events. This could probably be like a online show timetable (WILL SHOW WARPS). The fourth is the park hours but since Palace is open 24/7, that cannot be there. It could be replaced by what rides are open or closed or something (it will also show the warps to the rides and parks). The 5th thing is a window for the Disney Store, this could be probably easily replaced by the Palace Network store for ranks and cosmetics.


Concept Idea #2: Maps

This will be a maps of the parks and the other parks like USO. But pretty much will show where stuff is.

NOTE: All of these will contain warps to warp to and what it is.


These are all the categories of the things you can use with the Map (Found in MDE):

Wait Times (Useless but could be useful for M&Gs that have queue signs)

Attractions (Will show rides and where they are in the park)

Characters (May be useless but it could be useful for some M&G areas that are never closed or destroyed like the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh M&G)

Dining (Will obviously show dining areas where you could get food)

Entertainment (Will show Show Areas and other events that are there but are not used)

Restrooms (Useless but I don't know)

Events and Tours (Will be useless but for openings and such, probably)

PhotoPass (I don't know, probably a feature that will be added, Gooby already did a concept of this but I don't know)

Guest Services (Will be useless probably cause you could ask a staff member)

Shops (Will show shops that are open)

Resort Hotels (Weird feature but could be useful for the hotels near the Magic Kingdom)

Transportation (Extremely useless but I don't know, there is a warp in TTC called /warp bus and will give you a bus to each Disney park)


Concept Idea #3: The + Button

This is located in the middle of the bottom menu. Will include features (Some are pretty much useless for Palace)

Get FastPass+ (Already have a FastPass+ system in Palace)

Reserve Dining (Will be useless but I don't know)

Order Food (Will be useless but could be used in a way)

Shop Memory Maker (There could be a photo editor like Memory Maker but you could just use Photoshop or something because the file will be saved on your computer)

Buy Tickets and Passes (I don't know what this could be used for)


Concept Idea #4: Search

Could be used to search up shows or rides or restaurants, will tell you what the warp is.


 Concept Idea #5: Account and other stuff


Ticket and Passes (Like I said, I don't know what this could be used for)

NEWS/EVENT (It is Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge right now, but could be replaced or another event that's close to opening is NewMK)

My Plans (I don't know)

Photos (Will show you PhotoPass or something, could probably show your screenshots)

Resort Hotel (Could be used to tell info about your hotel room)

Mobile Food Orders (Could be useless)

Play Disney Parks (Still a concept but could be used for Play Palace Network probably)

Shop Merchandise (Another link to the Palace Network store probably)


And that is it, for all the menus from MDE and I made it into like a MyPalaceExperience.

Tell me in the replys if I did anything wrong but you could also give me feedback!

I hope you enjoyed this very long concept idea but it would be cool.


See ya' really soon!

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