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Here's another one idea, I had in the back of my head but I could explain it here.

Like again, this will be another concept idea like Play Disney Parks (PDP) but it is all Palace. And it's called PLAY Palace Network.

If you want to follow along and explore the PDP app, you can!

Bolded things are Palace ideas


Concept Idea #1: What Resort?

When you first open the app and on the first screen, you see two options of going to parks like WDW and DLR, this screen could have all the resorts on it that are on Palace like USO and DLR.

For this we will go to WDW, because DLR is not accessible right now.


Concept Idea #2: What Park?

After you pick a resort, you will be shown 5 options. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Resorts (Resorts only have Art Of Animation)

This could be the same thing but Resorts could have like the other resorts that are on the Palace Network. (There also could be a TTC)

For this we will go to Magic Kingdom for example.

Concept Idea #3: Parks

Only for this, we will focus on Magic Kingdom ONLY.

We are just covering the Castle area and Mainstreet.

Starting in Mainstreet, we will see icons of Music notes. These music notes mean you can play music (Only Apple Music subscription) from the parks. This could be replaced by songs from the audio server or just advertising the audio server and going to /warp mainstreet to listen to the Mainstreet U.S.A. music.

At the Castle area, we will find another music note and a ? with stars around it, this means it's a quiz, this could be like a Palace Quiz or something about OldMK or NewMK because it's near the Castle area.

After you will find Stars around the park, these mean you can get a achievement when you ride the ride. At the end, you will get a achievement and will tell you rode that ride. This could be replaced by more achievements in the game but it will probably overflow so you could keep popular rides and the popular rides will have a star. (Only Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios have Attractions as achievements)

The last thing you will find is a BIG icon with a picture inside of it relating to the ride. These are called games and could be played with other people in the parks. This could have the same effect if you put it in PLAY Palace Network but just for popular rides. (All games will have multiple achievements)


Concept Idea #4: Account

In PDP, you have to use a Disney Account, for PLAY Palace Network you could probably link your MC account and your forums account.

The first thing you will see is My Achievements, this will show the achievements you earned. For PLAY Palace Network, we could list the IN-GAME achievements and the achievements that are on the app/application. (We will not be looking at the achievements screen)

The second thing is Manage Players, this is pretty much a friend list and who you played with. This could easily be replaced by the Friend List plugin on Palace and will show you your list of friends that are online or not on the server.

The third is My Disney Account, (Don't have to go into detail with that but could be to sign out or something), could be replaced by Forums Account or MC Account.


And that is it from PDP, I hope the reader of this enjoyed this idea/concept of PLAY Palace Network!


See ya' real soon!

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