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Another Update on SWPCL

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Hello! First off I'd like to thank you for clicking on this and wanting to learn more about what's happening with SWPCL. 

After discussing it with our Coordinators and Cruise Line Supervisor it has been decided that SeaWorld Palace Cruise Lines will be mostly moving away from the SeaWorld Palace Entertainment company. 

Currently the two company's share many things, certain managers, the same coordinators/directors and many other internal things. Going forward we will be splitting.

We will continue to share the same Directors/Coordinators and at large we are still the same company however we will be getting different positions. 

So going forward if you are interested applications have open back up for all the positions! These include; Carpenter, Electrician, Guest Relations and Marketing as we are no longer sharing that type of things with SWPE. If you would like to apply message a Coordinator+ and they will bring you to our application center! 

I thank you all for reading this and we think this is what is better for both company's, and we hope you feel the same. 
-Joshmc_ Director, ThePilotGamer Director, ItsCake_ Operations Coordinator, Chrisboy04 Development Coordinator, Macho_Jr Cruise Line Supervisor

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