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Character of the Week - 1

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Hello Everyone!
I am pleased to bring to everyone a new forum game that will be fun for all! Now, the way you play is each week on Monday I will release a photo of a character, and you need to guess what it is. But, there is a catch. This photo is blurry. You need to get past the blur and guess what it is! 

For our first week I will not be giving a prize however in the future there may be one. You may only enter ONCE entering more then once get's your response voided regardless if it's correct or not.

This thread will be closed for further replies next Sunday at 11:59 PM and the winner being released the following day in the post. 

If more then one person guesses correctly, they'll all be entered into a random generator and the winner will be selected from there.

Good luck to all! I'm sure you'll do great!


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14 hours ago, JackThePotato said:


Please only chose one character. This response will be invalid until you fix that. Thank you!

Ah ok, sorry, I didn't know you could only choose one. I'd say Ariel, then.

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Ariel, sorry I know I changed my answer but I realized something 

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