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Wait.. Is that mermaidcat?

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Yes, it is!! Hi everyone, I think that it is finally time for me to make an introduction. ☺️ I was a mod here for a couple months now and had the most amazing time getting to know all of you and learning how to help you all have the best time on Palace. I absolutely love talking with all my Palace friends, and if you ever want to chat feel free to message me, promise I won’t swim away!! (Get it cause of the mermaid in mermaidcat okay I think you got it!!) I thought that I would share some of my favorite things so you can get to know me better! 


Color: Blue 

Food: Sushi! Especially cucumber and avocado rolls, yum!

Sport: Volleyball (been playing for 6 years and counting!) 

Animals: Belugas, otters, and lions (I LOVE animals!) 

Aaaand now my Disney Favorites!

Princesses: Rapunzel and Ariel 

Park: Animal Kingdom

Sidekick: Mushu and Olaf 

Movies: Princess and the Frog, Hercules, Tangled, Emperor’s New Groove, Lion King, Little Mermaid and so many more, I really love Disney movies so much!

Songs: I See the Light (Tangled), Almost There (Princess and the Frog), and A Whole New World (Aladdin)

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I’d love to answer them! 

P.S: If you see me on the server and you’re in need of a snack, feel free to ask me for a churro!! Guarantee I won’t let you down, they are my favorite! 

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