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Saying Goodbye to Old MK

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Made lots of amazing memories on oldMK, and can't wait to make a tonne new amazing memories on NewMK! Honoured to have been able to experience it in all it's glory, and be staff on it before it got remade into the wonderful 1:1 world it is now. Amazing work to all the staff members who've helped make this happen, the new build is honestly fantastic. It's hard to believe it's all Minecraft! Here's to NewMK! :party:

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4 hours ago, Legobuilder0813 said:

We recently opened our newest recreation of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom here on Palace Network. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely check it out! So many people on our team helped to create such an incredible recreation and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished park.

With the introduction of our new Magic Kingdom, however, we had to say goodbye to the old Magic Kingdom map. In fact, we recently did just that as part of our anniversary celebrations.

This map has been a part of our server for over six years. First introduced back in August of 2013, this recreation was an incredible step forward for what was then known as MCMagic. The server had existed for some time prior to 2013, but the release of this map is what truly allowed the server to flourish. In the years following, our community, staff, and team of builders all grew as more people found a common interest in recreating Walt Disney World in Minecraft. That increased interest in the server is what gave our teams the drive to recreate our other theme parks, including Epcot in 2015 and Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2016.

In the years since its release, hundreds of staff members worked on this Magic Kingdom map. We continuously refined the park’s details, from updating the shops on Main Street, U.S.A. to re-making "it's a small world" (several times). Though it has truly served our community well, we ultimately decided a little over a year ago to retire it and replace it with a new Magic Kingdom map. Improvements in the methods for 1:1 scale reproductions meant a newer map would be much more accurate, and better allow us to make changes in the future.

We're very proud of the work our team put into our new Magic Kingdom park. However, we're still very sad to see the old map go. Players became friends here, and memories were made, whether it be sharing the twists and turns on Space Mountain, celebrating the magic with a viewing of Wishes, or all the moments in between!

As this map means so much to so many people and we're no longer using it, we decided it would only be right to share it with the community. You can find a download of the world below.


I would like to take a moment to talk about what is included in this map and what isn't. This download is just the Minecraft world. We aren't able to share the software used for things like player inventories, images in maps and running shows. Because of this, this is just a map for you to explore and do with as you please. We use the publicly available plugin TrainCarts for our rides, so you could potentially get the rides to function again with your own ingenuity.

Note: Without a protection plugin like WorldGuard, water can freeze and some leaves will decay - this is Minecraft after all!

This map is provided as-is, meaning we aren't able to provide any help once you download it. There are tutorials online for opening a Minecraft world as a single player world, or importing into a Minecraft Realms server, or creating your own Spigot server. However, this is not something we or any of our staff members are able to assist you with.

The world download is about 22MB and is available here.

Also available for download is our Resource Pack in case you want to explore the world using our custom textures. Download the Resource Pack on our GitHub page.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support over the years. Our amazing community is what inspires us and allows us to take on projects like New MK! Now, set your sights for Animal Kingdom... 👀

That amazing❤

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