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NorthernSkyy’s Intro!

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Well Hey There Everyone!

My name is NorthernSkyy! It’s nice to meet ya!

I’ve been on the Palace for about 4 years now and i’ve loved every minute of it! (honestly don’t know why i’m just now making this) I love the environment and community the Palace brings, and i’m so thankful i’ve made so many friendships and connections through this server! I’m a HUGE Disney lover and i’ve loved Disney my whole life! I’m a Majestic on the server, but i’m hoping to become Honorable soon! When I first started playing Minecraft, this was the first thing I was drawn too, and quite frankly this is all I ever do! When I grow up and find a job, I hope to work for Disney as an imagineer, so I believe being on the server is a great start to this job interest!

Heres a little more about me and my life outside of Palace:

•I’m a high school student!

•I’m from the USA🇺🇸

•I love traveling (especially to Disney)!

and a BUNCH more I can’t get into!

Here’s some of my Disney favorites:

Favorite Disney Park: Magic Kingdom

Favorite Disney Thrill Ride: Rock n' Rollercoaster, Test Track, or Slinky Dog Dash

Favorite Disney Slow Ride: Spaceship Earth or the PeopleMover, it’s a classic!

Favorite Disney Show: Fantasmic

Favorite Disney Restaurant: I honestly can't choose, I have so many.

Favorite Disney Character: I don't have a favorite but I couple I really love are Stitch, Olaf, Mickey obviously, Pascal, and Donald!

Favorite Disney Hotel: Disneys Polynesian Resort or Disney Wilderness Lodge!

Favorite Pixar Movie: Finding Dory, the Incredibles, or Wall-e!

Favorite Disney Movie: I have so many favorites, but I love Peter Pan a lot!

Thanks so much for getting to know me! I’m always open to chat and start a conversation! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Have a magical day everyone!





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