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Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019!

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Aloha pals!

Feel free to post any pictures of this years Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party below! We'd love to see all the festive fun. 🎄

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i didnt get to go to this irl, but i did get to go to not so scary... ill just say i payed my ticket off in candy. i talked to some one who worked at mk irl and they said not so scary u get more food, at very merry it is more drinks and shows.

Pick up litter, save a life


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December 22nd! 🎄

[ @CrystalicBlue, @keyoni. @creatorforparks, @TheCraftyBatman, @Disneyfan, @YNGx, @MaestroJax, @PeachMKP, @PanicAtTheJedi, @SmallestCube, @TheRealEgamer25, @Sebway_, @brino, @Rosscoe, @mermaidcat]

Thank you all for a wonderful event! Happy Holidays! 🎅

blue and key.png

creator and batman.png


Peach and Panic.png

sebway and brino.png


yng smallest cube.png




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