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What to expect at Adventureland on January 2nd

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On January 2nd, 2020, Adventureland at Fantasy Valley will open, but we wanted to share with you some more details about the event.

There is no set time for opening as of writing. The time of opening will be made known on the day of opening.

Opening Day Attractions, Shopping, & Dining:

The Jungle Cruise. The Jungle Cruise is a serine boat ride through the rivers of South America, but beware - You may run into some unfriendly natives.

The World Famous Skipper Canteen. The parks first table service restaurant in over a year & a story immersive experience. 

Sunshine Tree Terrace. A quick counter service stand that serves delicious frozen treats including Dole Whips & Citrus Swirls.

Sunshine Swirl Marketplace. Casual shopping with gifts and more




The Following Shows will NOT be showing at the time of opening, as we are still working through a few technical issues:

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Watch as magic brings birds, flowers, and tikis to life with exotic song and dance. Expect an opening in February or later this Winter.

But wait - There's more!

A yet to be revealed backstory with the secrets of Adventureland will be released after the land opens on January 2nd - EXCLUSIVE to the Fuse Club on Palace Forum. So stay tuned for more information. We hope to see you all online January 2nd!


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