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Epic's Adventure Plot (Coming Spring 2020)

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     Hello everyone, I have been playing on the Palace Network for a little while now and have recently caught interest on the creative server. Over the past 4 years I have made two theme park like plots on creative on two different servers. One on TEI which has been closed for years now, and one very successful plot, (on a server that will remain unnamed due to it still being open) which might sadly be disappearing soon, due to its closing. I have ran a successful plot park, with a mini plot build team for years on this server and even developed maze games, rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and Maelstrom, (now frozen), as well as fun events. Since I might be losing this plot soon, I have decided to now expand to Palace MC. The plugins regarding plot heads as well as plot size will make it very easy to make my plot again on palace. I will leave screenshots below so you can have an idea on what it may look like and also what to expect, videos will also be live soon of my old rides for you to see! The plot is planned to open in Spring 2020. I will also set up a small both to apply for plot builder. I would like to make a new plot team for my plot on Palace because from past experiences, I know just how fun it is building games and rides as a group. Progress has already been started, so any help will be greatly appreciated. The ID of the plot and also to apply is p 98;60. If you have any questions, regarding how to apply please ask me in game (My IGN is YesItsEpic.) 

~ Epic :D


(Note: This is NOT the plot I am currently making on Palace, this is what to expect, or something of this nature, as these were my old plot pictures) YouTube video link will be posted below soon:


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