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The Secrets of Fantasy Valley's Adventureland

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Here it is - The real reason Adventureland exists... It's always been there... SEA has just been hiding away it's dark secrets until now...

Adventureland - The Story

Sir Albert Falls, a member of the SEA organization, set out to explore the jungles of South America in search for the Lost River Delta, and the Sunshine Pavilion. A place known in folk lore to be stuck in time. Anyone there could live forever, as long as you stayed in the pavilion. Falls enlisted the help of his fellow SEA members Dr. Livingston & Dr. Gregory Reed. Together, they were able to find the Delta, but none of them could locate the infamous Sunshine Pavilion of eternal life… Dr. Reed was furious and began using questionable practices to locate the pavilion. Before it was too late, Dr. Reed had destroyed half of the jungle looking for the pavilion and SEA revoked his membership. Yet, during his rampage across the delta, Dr. Reed located a map to a “Pirate Cove” lost in time itself.

Pirates Cove @ Solar7 Adventure

Dr. Reed, furious at his lost in membership, attempted to reconcile with SEA after locating the map. Dr. Reed needed resources to explore the cove, but Dr. Livingston and Sir Falls refused. Dr. Reed then made a decision to sink every last penny he had into this expedition, his final expedition.

Raging SEA @ Solar7 Adventure

Now Ex-Member Dr. Gregory Reed, furious at the loss of his membership, used his own resources to look into the treasure of the land and discovered three pearls, but he only has two. Lost for years and years, SEA enlists the help of guests to find Gregory. 

SEA Leaves the Lost River Delta

After hearing of Dr. Reed’s disappearance, and with no luck in locating the Sunshine Pavilion, SEA decided to leave the Lost River Delta in an attempt to rescue Dr. Reed. Even if he is an Ex-Member, it’s no man left behind.

Skipper Canteen @ Fantasy Valley

After her grandfather, Sir Albert Falls, and the SEA organization left the Lost River Delta to find Dr. Reed, Alberta Falls was left with the Jungle Navigation Company in her possession. With the loss of SEA, the shipping company was becoming less profitable, so she opened the river up for cruises and tourism as well as opening the skipper canteen as a place of rest and relaxation for the travelers in the Delta.

The Sunshine Pavilion @ Fantasy Valley

Dr. Cornelius Bifocal – Sunshine Pavilion: The Lost River Delta quickly became a large tourist destination, but discovery was not over just yet. The Delta, easier than ever to access, was attracting more scientist and archeologists as well as tourists. Among them, was paleontologist Dr. Cornelius Bifocal (a member of SEA), who would later discover by mistake what Dr. Falls could not – the Sunshine Pavilion. Dr. Bifocal was excavating a region for ancient fossils when the discovery was made. Sadly, the pavilion did not have the power of eternal life that many thought it did. Rather, the Sunshine Pavilion brought Birds and Flowers and Statues to Life with music. It was a true Tiki Room.

You can find all of this story, and more referenced through-out Fantasy Valley's Adventureland & Solar7 Adventure's Pirates Cove

Time Line
1911 – Sir Falls Discovers the Lost River Delta & Establishes the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd.
1912 – Sir Falls secures funding to search for the Sunshine pavilion from SEA
1913 – Dr. Reed & Dr. Livingston join Sir Falls search.
1924 – Dr. Reed Discovers the Map to the “Pirates Cove”
1925 – Dr. Reed is revoked of SEA membership and begins his search of the Cove
1929 – Sir Falls, Dr. Livingston, & SEA leave the Lost River Delta
1931 – The Inaugural Jungle Cruise Sails & Skipper Canteen Open
1934 – Dr. Cornelius Bifocal discovers the Sunshine pavilion
1937 – Sir Albert Falls Passes Away

1940 - You're Adventure in The Lost River Delta

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