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Presumably if you are reading this you are an FBI agent that wants to know more about me but if you your not then welcome my mc name is Ruairiw8 (I know my forums name is different because someone already took it)  Before you ask I don’t know when I joined all I know it was during the McMagic days but I never made one of these So without further ado here is a few facts about me.  

My favourite ride is Rocking Roller Coaster Staring Aerosmith

I build my own Disney World on PS4.

I like music (if you couldn’t tell from the first one)

My favourite film series is The Muppets (Please reopen Muppet Vision 3D)

My favourite park is Hollywood Studios.

My favourite Mk land is frontier land.

I’ve never been to Disney World but I have been to Disneyland Paris a lot.

My favourite Disney film is Pirates Of The Caribbean at worlds end.

My dream job is either in the music or show business. 

My favourite Disney world show is Fantasmic.

That’s about it I can’t think of anything else to right about so I hope to see you around on Palace some time soon. BYE!

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Aloha Ruairiwhite1!

Love your introduction, and welcome to the forums! I love Disneyland Paris! - my last trip was in 2017 but I am so excited to return when all the great expansions to Disney Studios park is complete! Arendelle plans look incredible. Hope to see you around the server!


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